The Platform

Planet Data (Prepare for the intelligent future)

April 01, 2021 Mike Veldhuis Season 1 Episode 1
The Platform
Planet Data (Prepare for the intelligent future)
Show Notes

Episode Summary

The first series has the theme "Prepare for the intelligent future". Together with Michael Morton VP, Dell Fellow, Dell Technologies Data Strategy and Development, Mike Veldhuis talks about how to transform your company into an intelligent business. Listen through your favorite podcast app or watch via YouTube.

Want to know even more and ask your own questions? Then register for the (English) online Masterclass, provided by Michael Morton.

Episode Notes

The three question we raised in the podcast to  answer together with your team:

  1. What are the top three question you want to get answered for your business?
  2. What data do you actually need?
  3. What are you going to do with the answers you get from the data. What is the business outcome?

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Host, Mike Veldhuis

Guest, Michael J. Morton